Greenwood Theatre SchoolCaroline’s classes usually begin with a series of physical and vocal warm-ups. She uses a number of teaching strategies and theatre games to increase a student’s confidence, social skills, vocal skills, concentration, self-awareness and team co-operation skills, before moving onto the main body of work.



Greenwood-Theatre-1Depending on the course that you choose you may be in a production of a Play, a Musical, Improvisation scene building- long form, Improv games-Short form. You might find yourself Scene writing, learning Mime or about theatre conventions and stage craft, puppetry , preparation for Grade Exams in Speech and Drama with the Leinster School of Music and Drama Exams will usually take place in May every year.


Caroline is a fully Licensed teacher with LSMD and is fully insured. Read More About Caroline

My aim is to develop the performer’s skill set – for acting, recital or for public speaking.

Caroline will often draw from the Stanislavsky technique for script analysis and characterisation and from ViewPoints, a technique developing the physical awareness of the actor. Vocal coaching is covered very thoroughly in the LSMD syllabus. Finally theatre games especially those of Chrissie Poulter, Viola Spolin and Augustus Boal and the endless Improv games will help children and adults to find an ease of self –expression – to move towards finding the performers full ability. Ensemble acting/group performance is an incredibly important experience for any actor – developing trust within a group leads to increased confidence and thus creativity.


About the Classes

musical-theatre-class-1Nunscross National School

Covering the LSMD Syllabus, preparing for a Christmas and Summer variety concerts, Exams if they choose, learning Mime, Shadow puppetry, vocal and physical acting skills, playwriting and comedy Improvisation. Lots of fun after school!!


East Glendalough School

All students will have the opportunity to perform in a number of One Act festivals , visiting festivals away and at home. They can choose to study for a Leinster School of Music and Drama Grade exam and also perform at the EGS Christmas Concert. All the while learning and performing Improvisation and building up their acting skills.


Shoreline Greystones

treasure-island-pantoEvery Easter The Greenwood Theatre Company and the school of Music and Drama come together to produce a Musical Show. In 2019 we will produce the Wizard of Oz.

If you like singing, dancing and acting and are aged 9 upwards, come along to our classes!

There’s no such thing as a small part, every single ensemble actor is important in the creation of a “Complete” production and that means backstage folk too!


Shoreline Greystones

Introduction to Improvisational acting – Short Form

Suitable for over 18’s. Come along and Play, laugh, find new acting skills and make new friends ! Have you watched Who’s Line is it anyway? This course will surprise you and allow you to grow in so many personal areas, your confidence levels may rise beyond your expectations, leading to creating material for writing, you will develop more focus and better listening skills.

Fun and laughter to be had in a very supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. 10 week course


Patrick’s Church, Swan Hall Greystones

Junior Drama ages 4-6yrs – St. Patricks Swan Hall Greystones

These drama classes focus on building vocal confidence in the young child, through storytelling and poetry, using props and musical instruments, masks and costume to develop their confidence and to PLAY! Lots of fun, small classes.

My aim is always to nurture the individual’s creativity, without individuality we have no original artists